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Bethie :D

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Let's do this [ July 28th 2011 | 8:24pm]


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[ September 18th 2008 | 10:09am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Call me a bitch.
Call me selfish.
Call me childish.

But don't EVER say that I was the one who messed it up.
Don't ever think I abandoned your side.
I never wanted to.

You left me with lies.

[ June 7th 2007 | 8:51am]
[ mood | depressed ]

I don't know why, but I find myself so freakin' depressed this week. It's probably just my period actin' up on me (I know I should've warned you haha, excuseee me). But it really sucks because I got it, and got my wisdom teeth out the next day (yesterday). Luckily there's no pain, right :)? Kinda.

My mouth hurts so bad. And when I take out my gauze all I taste is blood so I gag. I hate that my mouth completely dries, and my lips do too.

I just find myself really lonely. Boo.

I wish the person I want to care, avoids the situation completely. Even if I start posting annoying shit on myspace. Haha.

I'm open to anyone lending me movies, please. I can't lay here watching the same shit over and over. So, if anyone doesn't mind, I'd be more than happy. And I'll return them to you once I'm better, I promise :(.

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[ May 17th 2007 | 5:23pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Wow. High School is done. Graduation is next thursday...

This is so fucking surreal.

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I've finally figured [ May 13th 2007 | 8:58pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I'm fucking scared of high school ending.

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:) [ April 1st 2007 | 6:58pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I cannot believe they are here.

This is so exciting.

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[ March 25th 2007 | 10:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I sat next to this really talkitive old woman on my flight back to Tucson. I learned too much.

I love snow.

Picspam when I'm not lazy.

I'm home.

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[ December 6th 2005 | 7:21am]
[ mood | groggy ]

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Rachel, Happy Birthday to yoooou :D.

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Oh Josh, you silly boy. [ September 10th 2005 | 3:15pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I'm a sarcastic person, right? Oh, well apparently I'm a bitch too guys, watch out. Let me inform you a little piece on why. And I assure you, I will be a bitch in this post.

Josh made a post for attention as most of us have probably all read. Well, as you may know I commented saying it was dumb. Josh decides a perfect oppertunity to show off his cursing skills, and try to bring me down. Aw, sad, words are words. So we have this little arguement through comments.

So in reality here, I'm trying to figure why he really hates me. So I IM him on aim:

XxaZn HiKaRixX: youre always a fucking bitch to me
StarzNSparklezZ: how?
XxaZn HiKaRixX: ive delt with that shit my whole life and i just let people continue doing it
StarzNSparklezZ: hmmm... that's funny, you didn't answer my question
XxaZn HiKaRixX: youre always calling me shit
StarzNSparklezZ: I'm calling you shit? what's that suppose to mean?
XxaZn HiKaRixX: like insulting me

Oh, right, so calling me... a, and I quote, "you shit eating cow fucking cock sucking slutty ass whore" Isn't insulting, right? I mean, honestly it doesn't get to me, because it's really immature.

So Josh does this really cute thing, called blocking on AIM. Yeah, I'm sorry, but that's cowardly that he can't face me. So what does Beth do? I get on another sn and tell him that straight up:

PoorEmoPanda: I want to know a real reason
PoorEmoPanda: you can't hate me just because
XxaZn HiKaRixX: i already told you the real reason
PoorEmoPanda: calling you names?
PoorEmoPanda: that's absurd
XxaZn HiKaRixX: all the time
PoorEmoPanda: all the time, oh ok

You know what Livejournal friends, I'm going to tell you why I don't like Josh. I would GLADLY tell him myself, but he pulled that cute blocking stunt again, which is why I'm posting it up here.

Josh, I don't hate you, as a matter of fact, I really don't hate anyone, I just really strongly dislike you. But here's why, I can't stand how you take self pity to yourself to an extreme. "Oh, so and so doesn't like me because I'm too ugly" or, "No one wants to deal with my shit ever, god, I really hate life" Say it, you do it for attention. You WANT people to tell you, "Oh josh, your not ugly! Oh stop, no one hates you" It's sickening, and THOSE are the kinds of people I won't deal with.

He just IMed me saying:
XxaZn HiKaRixX: Beth im sorry
XxaZn HiKaRixX: im just going through shit..

Well Josh, here's a little news flash, your not the only one going through shit. It would have been nicer if you took into consideration of possibly I MIGHT have been going through. There's no excuse for your lame behavior. If you hate my guts that much, and wish me to die, say it to my face, and not my friends.

I just needed that out there. I know many of us have been itching to say it, and I was fed up. Thank you and goodbye.

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YAYAYAY! [ June 27th 2005 | 12:00am]
[ mood | crazy ]

B-day power plz.

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