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I don't know why, but I find myself so freakin' depressed this week. It's probably just my period actin' up on me (I know I should've warned you haha, excuseee me). But it really sucks because I got it, and got my wisdom teeth out the next day (yesterday). Luckily there's no pain, right :)? Kinda.

My mouth hurts so bad. And when I take out my gauze all I taste is blood so I gag. I hate that my mouth completely dries, and my lips do too.

I just find myself really lonely. Boo.

I wish the person I want to care, avoids the situation completely. Even if I start posting annoying shit on myspace. Haha.

I'm open to anyone lending me movies, please. I can't lay here watching the same shit over and over. So, if anyone doesn't mind, I'd be more than happy. And I'll return them to you once I'm better, I promise :(.
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